No Hassle Business Funding Scams and Advertisement Schemes

Published: 02nd June 2009
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There are more and smaller business owners finding themselves being scammed by con artists and clever advertisement schemes. No hassle business funding is also getting harder to find as business owners struggle to meet the loan requirements and demands from banks. This article will help prepare you for some of the most well known scams, so you won't be taken in by something that sounds too good to be true.
Guaranteed Loans
There are many advertisements out there boosting that certain companies can get you guaranteed loans. This means a lot to a business owner, because they don't have to go through the trouble of trying to get approved by a bank for the loan themselves. Often times the company doesn't have enough business credit to get the loan you need, so you end up wasting your money.
Never give any company your personal information over the phone or through the mail unless you have some sort of verification of service. There are many scams that allow you to call in a forfeit you phone number, social security number, credit card, and other personal information to see if you can be approved for a loan. The companies then insist that you pay a "service fee" or "insurance fee" before you actually have a deal. The scammers then take the money and information you have given them and disappear, leaving you without a loan.
Free Service Advertisements
There is plenty of advertisement schemes out there geared towards no hassle business funding. Many times they will offer you free service or memberships, although you still must give them your credit card number. Once they have your credit card number they can start charging you fees after the free membership period have expired. Although this isn't illegal in any way, you usually forget to call and end the membership so you are not charged.
Since you are new to the business world you are going to be very susceptible to posers. These people operate under the name of some of the most well known companies, but they intend on taking your money and running. They are not affiliated with the company in any way, but they do a good job of pretending they are. Some of the best ways you can avoid this scam is buy dealing locally, and by never mailing out money out or state or country. The addresses the posers use for you to send money often don't exist or no one lives there.
Free Seminars
Free seminars sound like great news to you, but they are often just ways for sales representatives to give you a pitch. The seminar may even be very educating and worthwhile, but don't feel pressured to buy or sign up for anything you don't want. If you need access to free information on business methods, planning, and no hassle business funding, try searching online or talking to other business owners. This website will be able to tell you everything you need to know about running your own business so you succeed your first time.

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